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  • Katie Pollock

Human Activity at KXT on Broadway

It's bump in week for Human Activity at KXT on Broadway and I'm excited to see this play in place with the magic of set and lights added to the extraordinary work being done by our beautiful cast.

Human Activity is a project that I've been working on since 2014 with director Suzanne Millar and producer John Harrison of bAKEHOUSE Theatre. How wonderful to see it taking the stage in previews from this Friday 15 September.

We are in 2014 in Sydney, in the aftershocks of the Lindt Café siege. A young woman running from violence arrives at Angel Place with money stuffed in a sock at the bottom of a bag. A woman who is homeless ekes out an existence on the mean streets of the city. An elderly couple continues a quest to understand the loss of their daughter. A security guard tries to restore some semblance of order. Their lives intersect at ground zero, in the dark heart of the city, with shattering consequences.

A huge team is working on this show and what a privilege it is to be able to realise a large-scale work in Sydney's best independent space. We follow our KXT season with a run at Riverside Parramatta under the skilled hands of co-producer Neel Bannerjee of Nautanki Theatre.

We'd love to see you in the theatre ... some shows are already selling out so do book ahead.

Tix for 15-30 Sept at KXT available here:

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