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Human Activity

Photo: David Hooley

Sydney, 16th December 2014: the day after the Lindt Café siege, and the city is filling with people in shock and grief. As birds swirl overhead and flowers proliferate at their feet, five people search for answers to the violence in their own lives. This explosive new play is a soaring epic of extraordinary humanity and heart.

'Cynical, abrupt, heart-wrenching and hopeful all at once – this is a deeply human work of theatre. Four stars.' – Time Out 

'An honest painting of society today without pretence, Human Activity is a representation of compassion on a large scale. Four and a half stars.' – Theatre Thoughts Australia

'The play packs many punches in its portrait of a temporarily beleaguered city. And of course, it is only temporary: life goes on no matter what. Vivid images remain, however, especially Karina Bracken's impudent cockatoo and, as the beaten but not broken Jana, Katherine Shearer's heart-wrenching revelations of why she's on the street in, of all destinations, Angel Place. Recommended. Four stars' – Stage Noise

'Theatrical playfulness in combination with concerns of vital importance is what makes this a thrilling example of new Australian work [with] much humour and gloriously understate poetry.' – Theatre Red


'Human Activity takes one of the darkest moments in Sydney's recent history and creates something beautiful.' – Honi Soit

'There is human warmth, truth and understanding in this production. It comes originally from Pollock's compassion and empathy, and her deft creation of each character.' – Stage Whispers

Human Activity was first produced by bAKEHOUSE and Nautanki Theatre at KXT on Broadway and Riverside Theatre Parramatta. Written by Katie Pollock, directed by Suzanne Millar, produced by John Harrison, Neel Banerjee and Reema Gillani, with production design by Soham Apte and lighting by Benjamin Brockman.

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