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Photo: James Balian


Poppy has developed a tic. A twitch. A spasm. It spreads through her body, then her group of school friends and before long, the whole town. Nobody can explain it, but as the disease spreads, the community begins to fracture along lines that turn into deep fissures. Who or what is to blame?

And how are they going to fix it? 

‘Itʼs theatrical, dark and funny by turn … neither playwright nor director make a wrong move and the result is enthralling.’ – Di Simmonds, StageNoise

‘A fascinating examination of the way that societal pressures can impose themselves upon the bodies of the unsuspecting, or in this case, young women.’ – Lisa Thatcher

‘Normal is a gripping work, expertly realised, which raises ethical and personal questions about young peopleʼs safety and future well beyond its 75 minutes of storytelling.’ – Reviews by Judith

Normal was first produced by The Uncertainty Principle at Old 505 Theatre, Sydney, directed by Anthony Skuse. It has since been produced by VCA Secondary School in Melbourne, Canberra Youth Theatre and Hunter Drama in Newcastle. It can be performed with a cast from four to 10+ actors and is ideal for young people and schools.

Normal won the Inscription/Edward Albee Playwriting Scholarship, the Town Hall Theatre 'Ingenious' Award, and was nominated for an Australian Writers' Guild Award for Theatre for Young Audiences. It is currently being adapted for film. The script is published by Currency Press, available here. Please get in touch for licensing inquiries. 

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