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Awards and recognition

• Winner Rodney Seaborn Award for People Inside Me

• Winner Martin Lysicrates Prize for Summerland

• Winner Inscription/Edward Albee Playwriting Scholarship for Normal

• Winner Australian Writers’ Guild’s ‘What Happens Next’ competition for Normal

• Winner inaugural Town Hall Theatre (USA) Ingenious Award for Normal

• Winner HotHouse Theatre Monologue Writing Competition for Contact

• Winner Canberra Festival of One-Act Plays Best Drama Award for Blue Italian

• AWGIE nomination Theatre for Young Audiences for Normal

• AWGIE nomination Radio Adaptation for Nil by Sea

• AWGIE nomination Original Radio Broadcast for Contact

• Top 10 finalist Woodward/Newman Drama Award (USA) for Normal

• Shortlist for Best in Theatre and Best in Spoken Word at Sydney Fringe for Rough Trade

• Shortlist Silver Gull Award for People Inside Me

• Shortlist Silver Gull Award for Human Activity

• Shortlist Stoddart Award for Human Activity

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