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The Becoming 

A family awakes to find their son and brother transformed into an ugly and unlovable stranger. The past is gone and there's no point trying to explain it because here we are, at gunpoint. Inspired by Franz Kafka’s famous novella Metamorphosis, The Becoming is a feminist response to fear and hate. 

'The existential relevance this play is hard to miss. Playwright Katie Pollock has created a

representation of the planet that is truly terrifying, and equally hateful ... If you’re interested in confronting existential environmentalism through the lens of characters trapped in their own worlds and unable to see what is happening in front of them, this is the show for you.' – The Social Blog

'An engaging, darkly comic night at the theatre.' – Sydney Arts Guide

The Becoming was first produced at The Old Fitzroy Theatre, then at New Theatre, Sydney, with a cast of four playing six roles. The script is available at Please get in touch for licensing inquiries. 

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