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The Blue Angel Hotel

Photo: Zorica Purlija

Love knows no bounds, no cage contains it. Sure, but what of desire, lust – what of evil? Can love make bad good? Or is the smear of sin indelible? The Blue Angel Hotel, explores the powerful attraction between dangerous men and the women who can’t resist them. 

'Pollock and director Aarne Neeme cleverly avoid being preachy or moralistic and the end result is a fascinating exploration into human nature.' – Alternative Media Group

'This seems to go to Pollock's contention that 'bad' people are made, not born; meaning evil can't be extant in and of itself. That she opens up the question of original sin so deftly and contextually is one of the great strengths of the work.' – Australian Stage

'Katie Pollock's new play is concerned with unpacking the psychological factors that drive some women into the arms of men who they know to have committed acts of violence, and it does so with sensitivity, creativity, and nerve.' – Concrete Playground

The Blue Angel Hotel was first performed at The Old Fitzroy Hotel, Sydney, co-produced by Katie Pollock and directed by Aarne Neeme.

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