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A Quiet Night in Rangoon

Photo: Tamara Dean

Rangoon, Burma, 2007. The Saffron Revolution is about to jolt the military dictatorship out of decades of complacency and Piper, an Australian journalist, senses a career-making scoop. A Quiet Night in Rangoon explores with poetic imagination the moral chaos of political engagement. 

'Written with a heightened sense of reality and fascinating poetical gestures and daring characterisations the form of the piece is totally transgressive and thrilling … Her control of her material and the explorations in the dramatic form of her storytelling modes is immensely impressive. Surprising, amusing and stimulating.' – Kevin Jackson's Theatre Diary


'Sections sing with an almost musical suppleness ... it is worthy, sometimes compelling theatre, highlighting an even worthier cause.' – Sydney Morning Herald


'While Pollock's play is grounded in history and the everyday it is quickly lifted out of docu-drama by bold theatricality … [she] has observed and crafted her characters with considerable humour and insight … The telling of the stories is rich and fascinating. Recommended.' – Stage Noise

'As personal as it is political, an intensely gripping new Australian play... Pollock spins her parallel plots with deft confidence… underscoring each scene with a touching, human sensibility, and occasional humour.' Same Same

'This is an intimate story that weaves beautifully between the reality of personal freedom, spiritual cost and individual responsibility.' – Sun Herald

A Quiet Night in Rangoon was directed by Paul Gilchrist and produced by subtlenuance as part of The Spare Room at New Theatre, Sydney.

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