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Jennie Dibley in Nil by Sea photo by Zorica Purlija.jpeg

Blue Italian / Nil by Sea

Photo: Zorica Purlija

In Blue Italiana young woman sets out on a journey to an unknown destination, beginning a search for place, meaning and connection. 

In Nil by Sea, a man lies in a suburban street, his face split in two. Neighbours awake to this vision of horror. An investigation begins and in the skies above, a young man sends his prayer of hope to the world. 

Written a decade apart, these two powerful plays examine refuge, exile, diaspora and belonging. 

'[There] are boundaries we need to break down. And these two magnificently provocative pieces of theatre – anti-naturalistic, subversive, and fresh – are the sort of tools we need.' – Veronica Kaye

'These plays reveal a collection of beautiful images and juxtapositions of ideas, and deal gently, cleverly, with contemporary issues ... The content of Ms Pollock's work is always arresting and politically alert.' – Kevin Jackson

'Poignant and incredibly well-observed, Katie Pollock’s two plays are a delight to watch. They intertwine delicately from one to the other, overlapping, exploring and questioning themes and what it is to be human. Paired with Chant’s subtle but impacting direction, this is a production that should not be missed.' – Theatre Matters

'What was remarkable about playwright Katie Pollock’s work was the ability to get into the minds (and hearts) of these wanderers, and to simply and starkly convey the hope, fear and desperation of people who find themselves in faraway and unwelcoming environments.' – Leo D'Angelo Fisher

Blue Italian was first performed at the Canberra Festival of One-Act Plays where it won Best Drama. It was later adapted for radio and aired on ABC Radio National. It has been performed multiple times in Australia and overseas and has a flexible cast size. 

Nil by Sea was first performed as part of Asylum by Apocalypse Theatre Company. It was adapted for radio, aired on ABC Radio National and was nominated for an Australian Writers' Guild Award for Best Radio Adaptation.

Both scripts are available at Get in touch for production licensing inquiries. 

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