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Four stars for Rough Trade ****

Image shows Theatre Works' Laura Hook, with Katie Pollock, director Anthony Skuse and stage manager Genevieve Davidson. Photo Belle Hansen.

Now that the show is over, here's a a wrap-up of some reviews from Rough Trade's season at Theatre Works. Thanks to everyone who came along!

THEATRE MATTERS SAYS: "This one-act performance takes you on a 60-minute journey that is highly engaging and multi-layered … This clever script highlights various aspects of a life challenged by capitalism and the trappings of the anti-capitalism of simple exchange trading …

The audience is mesmerised by the skills and talent of Pollock, who, in collaboration with Skuse’s staging and lighting direction, provides a strong balance of dialogue and audience interaction."****

HARLEQUIN INK SAYS: “Katie Pollock’s script shines with witty one-liners and keen observations about COVID, agism, sex and the dreaded L word ... Love! It’s a well-written and solidly structured piece that wants us to question the role social media plays in our lives. The lead character is a woman, who like most of us, gets things wrong and is a little fucked up. Pollock, who is also performing here, has a warm natural charm about her …

Pollock’s writing is strong and confident with a saucy sense of humour.

Nicely directed by Anthony Skuse and performed by the playwright herself, Rough Trade is a witty and at times touching story about feeling invisible, aging, hope and human nature.”

THE BLURB SAYS: “The writer and performer is Katie Pollock and she is personable, relaxed and natural throughout. No airs and graces about her.

She simply paints vivid word pictures. Nothing is taboo.

Towards the end of the hour-long monologue, we learn more about the personal situation in which her character finds herself … Eclectic – absolutely. Well composed and directed (by Anthony Skuse) – undoubtedly. It is a picture of a life that has had its sharp edges, and of survival in a world where social connection on digital devices can, and often is, left of centre. I appreciated the energy and style of delivery Katie Pollock brought to bear in her walk on the wilder side.”

WHAT DID SHE THINK SAYS: “Most of the show is funny anecdotes and strange trades but there is heart and soul in the character. Almost as an aside we learn she is three days from her next dole payment and has no food, and she never invites her children to her place so they can't see how she is living. The Rough Trade site has become her lifeline, not just a convenience and when Facebook shuts it down for breach of code of conduct the impact is far more than just a shut down page.

This story is the heart of the work and the almost accidently dropping of these key bits of information tugs at the heart strings in ways that being forthright would never achieve.

It is that secret life of desperation and shame that the 50+ group of women are hiding in current times which is so powerful and it is a story we aren't telling because as a society we don't seem to be able to get our head around how this demographic could find themselves in these terrible circumstances. To be fair, I reckon the women in question don't know how it happened either.”

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